Sunday, June 6, 2010

Victory, Defeat, and "Oh, Sarah? Is that you?"

Not a whole lot to report on this week, but that's ok! They can't all be event-filled. :c) Last Friday was the boot camp competition. I'll cut the suspense right now and tell you that I didn't win. :c( I know! I know! But, I beat all the women who were competing and tied for first with one, which I think was a bit of a victory.

We started with walking on the treadmill at 3 miles per hour at an incline of 15, which is the highest the mills will go. We got a point per minute we could do it without holding on up to ten minutes. I did the whole ten without hands, but so did almost everyone else. That's ok, though. Then we did the leg press 2x our body weight. I was the third person to go, and ended up having to press 415 pounds. The people before me each did about 15 presses each. I ended up doing 50. I thought that would be good enough to beat Cameron the trainer, but he ended up doing 62. Man, I could have done more! Oh well! I did way more of those than the other women did. Then we went on to the trainer-haters. Those I only managed to do 16 of in one minute, I messed up the first one so it didn't count. Blah. Then we did push-ups for a minute, and I wiped the floor with everyone else and did 43 of them. I wasn't enough to pull me out of my deficit behind Cameron. He brought it home with the sit-ups. I think I was too tired at that point and only managed 32. 32! Geez. I have done so much better on those in the past. I think because they were the last thing we did, I just didn't have enough energy left for them. Ah well!

I am proud that I did as well as I did. All the other women were much much smaller than me, and it made me feel really strong to do as many leg presses as I did. I am going to buy Cameron an energy drink to make up for all the taunting I directed at him in the weeks leading up to the contest. I hope he does one again! I'll really take him on then!

Today at church a guy in the ward, who I went out on a date with once, came up to my friend Natalie and I and wanted to ask her to say one of the prayers. I said "Hi Paul!" He just cast a sidelong look at me and said "Hi." Then he stopped, and said, "Sarah? Oh, Sarah? Is that you?" It was the funniest thing! Natalie and I couldn't stop laughing. I thanked him for making my day. It was amazing! We laughed so hard! It was a great feeling.

Can I just say that I am addicted to the following: almond butter on Sprouts multi-grain bread with a half of a banana cut up on top. Yummmmmm. So very delicious. I'm not really a banana person, but I've been in the mood this week for some reason. I'll just go with it! The Sprouts bread is so good. It has whole sunflower seeds on top and is wonderfully moist and delicious. Only 75 calories a slice! Great to eat. Love it!

On the subject of Sprouts, I pretty much spend most of my food money there. They have great prices on produce and of course I love the bread. I really like the store. The produce department is the biggest thing there. I get my grains like quinoa and lentils there too. They have a great bulk section as well. They're a great store if you have access to them.

Kinda a slow week weight-loss wise. Only down a pound this week. It's ok! I have nine days until the 15th, so I'm kicking it in to overdrive this week to make my goal. Looking forward to it!

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  1. way to go!! and that's too funny about Paul, lol. I'm sure it made your day! :)