Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lagging... again!

Um, does anyone recognize this person on the left? Because I'm pretty sure the person on the right and she are somehow related. Good grief! It's pretty intense to see these two pictures together.

It's been an up and down couple of weeks. I've been sick since I came back from Janelle's. Coughing and whatnot. I even had to take some sick days. Not fun, not fun at all. I rarely get sick, so it's been weird.

Last weekend was the Undy 5000. It was pretty awesome! I ran the whole thing, which in past years has taken me over an hour to finish. This year, it took me 25:57, according to the official race results. I came in 37th out of all the women in the race. Not too shabby! It was pretty amazing to do an event that I've done before and to see that change. So hard for me to believe sometimes!

I haven't really been losing weight lately, just been hanging tight, which I think is fine. I put my body through a lot, so it's probably a good thing to not be constantly losing weight. I have, however, been toning up. My legs are really getting defined like my arms now, even my quads and hamstrings. I wish that some of that toning would get to my belly, but Caleb tells me it'll be the last thing to go. I have a hard time being patient though! Ah well!

I laid out a realistic plan for myself in the past few weeks. I really need goals and deadlines to make progress, so I made some. I will be running a 12K race in Gilbert on the 11th of December. Instead of the marathon in January, I will do a half. I just need more time to get a good running base. I hope to find a marathon to do in March. There's a fun sounding 17k in Peoria for St. Patrick's day. Not marathon distance, but still sounds like fun.

Looking forward to the upcoming week. Three and a half days of work... not to shabby!