Thursday, December 30, 2010

My One Year Anniversary

So, yesterday was my one year anniversary with my trainer Caleb. It was my first training session at Pure Fitness. I am pretty sure I was trashed by the end of it. I do remember something about having to lay on the floor with my feet elevated because I got dizzy... ah.... memories.
Caleb and I celebrated by him kicking the Christmas cookies out of me. And by kick, I mean making me do drop push-ups, deadlifts, and these kinda wretched woodchoppers. It was fun! No, I didn't get to lay on the floor with my feet elevated. :c)
It's been an off kind of month, but December does that to a person, I think. I am looking forward to January. I have big plans! I mean, look at what I was able to accomplish this year. I can hardly wait to see what I can get done next year!
Caleb is starting up a boot camp next month, and I'm going to help him out with it. I think that it'll be lots of fun. I love boot camps!
I am going to post a more comprehensive list of my goals for 2011 next week, but suffice it to say, they are amazing! I just didn't want 2010 to end without an acknowledgment of the momentous anniversary and the monster it birthed. :c)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lagging... again!

Um, does anyone recognize this person on the left? Because I'm pretty sure the person on the right and she are somehow related. Good grief! It's pretty intense to see these two pictures together.

It's been an up and down couple of weeks. I've been sick since I came back from Janelle's. Coughing and whatnot. I even had to take some sick days. Not fun, not fun at all. I rarely get sick, so it's been weird.

Last weekend was the Undy 5000. It was pretty awesome! I ran the whole thing, which in past years has taken me over an hour to finish. This year, it took me 25:57, according to the official race results. I came in 37th out of all the women in the race. Not too shabby! It was pretty amazing to do an event that I've done before and to see that change. So hard for me to believe sometimes!

I haven't really been losing weight lately, just been hanging tight, which I think is fine. I put my body through a lot, so it's probably a good thing to not be constantly losing weight. I have, however, been toning up. My legs are really getting defined like my arms now, even my quads and hamstrings. I wish that some of that toning would get to my belly, but Caleb tells me it'll be the last thing to go. I have a hard time being patient though! Ah well!

I laid out a realistic plan for myself in the past few weeks. I really need goals and deadlines to make progress, so I made some. I will be running a 12K race in Gilbert on the 11th of December. Instead of the marathon in January, I will do a half. I just need more time to get a good running base. I hope to find a marathon to do in March. There's a fun sounding 17k in Peoria for St. Patrick's day. Not marathon distance, but still sounds like fun.

Looking forward to the upcoming week. Three and a half days of work... not to shabby!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Belt With Legs

It's been another couple of weeks. Jeesh. I just don't hang out on the computer like I used to anymore. What could I possibly be doing with my time that's more important? (Oh, don't know. Maybe working out? :c) )

My body's in the process of metamorphosis yet again. Some days I feel like I don't even know who I am anymore. I go through time periods where I pretty much look the same for a while, but lately I feel like a new person every day. My face has changed a lot! Mom says I need a new pair of glasses. They take up too much of my face now. You know me and glasses. I have decided to put part of my winnings toward a new set of frames to match my face. I really really really want to find an awesome orange pair or perhaps lime green... Anyway, over the past month and a half or so, my arms, shoulders, and back have become really defined. It's been pretty cool to see that happen. I hope to get some pics of the amazingness that is my arms up here soon. I'm going to try to talk Nell into taking some pictures of me to add to the blog here.

Last week was the 110 pound party. It was great to have my friends and family over. My Mom was a trooper and got the house ready and cut up a million veggies for the whole thing. Grandpa and JoRae came, which was so great! They hadn't seen me since Bug left on her mission. I am fairly certain they didn't recognize me when I came in. They gave me big hugs and told me how proud they were. My family and friends were also able to meet Caleb, the man who brought you my massive arms. :c) He thought my boss was the school's maintenance man, because he was so laid back. Funny! The whole evening was pretty enjoyable, and ended with me doing a demonstration of bear crawls down the stairs (do NOT try that at home kids!).

My latest accomplishments are pretty cool too. On October 1st, I did my first unassisted pull up! Woot Woot! That has been a long time coming! I am thrilled! Now I just need to start doing more than one in a row! Nextly, my mile time is down to 7:13! I could not believe that I was able to cut another 32 seconds off my time. I didn't think there was that much more to cut! I was so winded by the end of it though. I didn't make the usual ruckus I normally would have. Whew!

And now, the belt with legs story. At school, my duty is to monitor the 2nd graders during lunch and their recess. As far as duties go, I love it! I come in to the lunch room and feel like a rock star! I have to go see my #1 fans in kindergarten and hear their daily reports, give them knuckles, high 5's, and hugs. Then, I head back through the 1st grade section and say hi to the kids there. They like to have me open things for them. Then it's off to 2nd grade, where I cruise around the tables, making sure they don't eat their desserts first and pick up all of their trash. We head out to recess and I monitor the playground. Anyhow, there's a 2nd grader who is new to the school this year. The other day, he came up behind me at the playground, wrapped his arms around my waist, and said, "I'm your belt with legs!" I could not stop laughing! So funny!

My little belt with legs helps to give me some perspective. I've written before that I struggle with seeing myself as I really am. In my mind, I am still a big person, still overweight, still fat. I truly have to remind myself that I am not that person anymore. My belt with legs wouldn't be able to fit his short little arms all the way around my waist nine months ago. I am grateful for the kids at my school. They are some of my biggest champions! In fact, when I started this whole weight loss hullaballoo, it was a kindergartner who first noticed I was losing weight, before most of the adults I work with even noticed. As difficult as they are to teach, I sure do love the kindergartners in my life.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finding My Direction

Whew! It's been three weeks since I updated. Sorry! I forgot just how brain-dead I became at the end of my first fitness challenge. I didn't have two brain cells to rub together over the last few weeks! I shall strive to be better, to more thoroughly document what has become one of the most rewarding journeys of my life.

Well, to get caught up, let's begin with the end of the (truly) last fitness challenge. I spent the last few days leading up to the weigh in mostly at the gym when I wasn't at work. I wasn't eating a whole lot besides protein, fruit, and veggies. I'm very sure I was a crankopotamus. I was also quite tired! I took naps on my desk during my lunch. :c)

The final weigh in was on the 15th of September. I worked out that afternoon. My trainer pretty much pushed me until I couldn't lift another weight, then said, "Go weigh in. You're done!" I felt pretty toasted! I showered and headed over to the gym, ready to go! In I came, and the numbers looked pretty good! I was down 15 pounds, and 6.2% body fat. The body fat was the important number, because that's what determined the winner. In the fitness challenge at Thunderbird, the results were a bit more subjective, because it wasn't just body fat that determined the winner (if it was, I would have won that too). I crossed my fingers and hoped it would be enough for the win!

The results party was the following night on Thursday. I came in with my hair fixed and wearing regular clothes. I doubt some people recognized me! They're all used to seeing me with sweat dripping and hair all in a ponytail and just gross in general. Anyway, we gathered our little group together, and Jose decided it would be a good time to ramble on and on and on about sticking with exercise and diet and all that. It took forever! He finally went through and announced everyone's final results. I was surprised to discover that my friend Debbie was in the challenge too, and that she was really my closest competition! I had no idea. Anyway, the final results were that I won! Yay! My prize this time was $250. Looking back from where I am now, I'm not sure it was worth it. I put my family, friends, and body through a lot to get there. It just further cements my resolve to retire from competitive weight loss. So glad to be done with that part of my weight loss and fitness career.

The party was pretty entertaining. One of the trainers, Mitch, said when people were complimenting me, "She's like my Mom!" It was so random and funny. Right now, I think most of the trainers at the gym feel like they own a bit of my weight loss, and for the most part, it's true! They are all very supportive, and I feel like I'm a part of their little group. I can picture myself perhaps becoming a trainer someday as a part-time job. I think I'd be pretty good at it. I don't think I'd want to do it full time. That would be so hard! I don't like the whole sales and commission part of it. No thank you!

So I spent the rest of that week partying it up! I ate pretty much whatever the heck I wanted, including an ill-fated trip to The Heart Attack Grill (so not worth it), and a candy store named Sweeties (so VERY worth it). I also tried for the first time a cupcake from a little store in the mall named Sugardaddy's. IT WAS AWESOME! I had the Pink Cadillac cupcake, which was a strawberry cupcake filled with vanilla buttercream, topped with strawberry buttercream and glitter. So very delicious! I have decided that once a month, I am going to go there and have a treat. Looking forward to my next trip there!

I now find myself in need of direction. I need to set my sights on a new set of goals. I've been living and breathing the fitness challenges for so long, that I don't know where to go from here. One short-term goal is to complete one unassisted pull-up. I am so close! That goal I expect to hit by the end of the month. I need something to aim for in the next couple of months. Not sure yet what that is. Maybe 20 more pounds by Christmas, but I'm not warmed up to that idea. It's not very interesting to me. I mean, I have more weight to lose, but I want to be more fitness-oriented, rather than the whole numbers thing. Perhaps I should aim to be a certain clothing size, like an 8 by the end of the year. Hmmm. Don't know yet!

One of my long-term goals is to complete an Iron-distance triathlon. I think I may have found my race! There is an Ironman in St. George next May that has my name all over it! It's even on a Saturday. I really think that it is something I'd like to train and aim for. Of course, that means I need a grown-up bike to train with. There is also the little hurdle of the entry fee, $575. The whole money thing will be harder for me to overcome than the training! I'm sure if it's meant to be, it will all work out. My head is spinning with anticipation! I am greatly inspired by this video.

Tomorrow I am going to retry beating my mile time. SO VERY EXCITED! Can't wait to see how much better I'll be. *does a little nerdy dance* I hope my gym-mates are bringing their ear-plugs. :c)