Sunday, June 13, 2010

201, and the Art of Backing Off

This week started out a bit rough. I kinda felt like Lightning McQueen on Cars; like I had two blown tires and was trying to get to the finish line. I was exhausted and it was only Monday, so my trainer and I decided that now is the time to back off the two-a-days a bit. I've cut them back to only three a week. It was difficult. I sometimes feel like if I let go of anything, it will all come crashing down, you know? Well, my world didn't end when I cut back the two-a-days. I feel cautiously optimistic that I will survive the coming week as well. I'll pick back up a full schedule when the next fitness challenge happens.

I ended this week on a much better note. On Friday, I hit 201 pounds. So very close to my goal! Only two more days and I hope to be at or below 200. I am looking forward to it! The next hurdle I hope to leap over is the 100 pound mark. Right now, that is 15 pounds away. I want to be there by the end of July. I am fairly certain there will be a party involved in marking that momentous occasion. I'll keep you posted!

Also on Friday, I ran my mile in 8 minutes and 57 seconds. Yay! I can't believe that I've come that far. Just one month ago, I was celebrating hitting the 10 minute mark. I am starting to feel like a runner. This week I'm heading north to Janelle's. While there, I am going to start working on running multiple miles. Maybe Trevor will help me out. I'm excited to see my niece and nephew again. So much fun!

I hope the people at Pure Fitness won't miss me too much when I'm away this week. :c) Yesterday at the gym, several of the trainers went up to my mom and said, "You're Sarah's mom, right?" She said she was proud that she could be "Sarah's Mom". I'm proud of my parents and sister. All three have been going to the gym regularly for the past couple of weeks. It's great that my family is moving towards being more healthy!

So, it was an up and down week. Looking forward to the next!


  1. Sarah, you are so incredible and such an inspiration!! WTG on your success :)

  2. I always read your posts aloud to John and we cheer and clap and tear up every time. :) you go girl - Have fun with Nell!

  3. Thanks so much fro your support Charity and Shaela. Say hi to John and the kids for me. Love you guys!