Sunday, May 23, 2010

Looking Back a Bit

So, I've been looking back this week at some of the pictures of me on my profile and came across this little gem from last November. It was a bit shocking. It's difficult for me to believe that that picture is of me in some ways. I've been trying to figure out what I was like then, how I was different. It was only six short months ago that I was that girl chugging along in the way too tight XXL shirt and shorts. Was I happy? I'm not sure, but it is unnerving.

This week marked the end of school for the summer. Thank the heavens! I am looking forward to being able to get more done in my day than just working out, working, and sleeping. I am taking some professional development classes, but for the most part hope to make some jewelry that I can sell when I head up north in June.

Next week I am planning on picking up swimming again. I have a competition suit (size 14) that I bought several years ago (I wanted to do triathlons) as a motivator that never ended up being motivation enough. I tried it on yesterday and it fits! Now I am going to put it to good use. Looking forward to it! Perhaps I'll join a Masters team around here. That would be tons of fun.

I clamped down this week on my diet. My next goal is to hit 200 pounds by June 15th. I am 9 pounds away from that goal right now. I want to stay on track! I went to my friend Sarah's birthday party this week, and was pleasantly surprised that the food was all healthy in honor of Sarah taking control of her eating habits. I'm so proud of her! It was great also to not be tempted to eat something I would have struggled with.

This upcoming week also brings Cameron's boot camp on Friday morning. Cameron is one of the trainers at Pure Fitness. He teaches a morning class that I go to three days a week. He is having this boot camp on Friday and whoever beats him head-to-head gets 6 free personal training sessions. Well, now that I have discovered just how competitive I can be, I could not let that one go. I plan to wipe the floor with him. I've been taunting him for weeks about it. I know for sure I can beat him at three of the things on the list. They are the sit ups, the level 15 treadmill for 10 minutes at 3.0 mph, and quite possibly the leg press 2x your weight. He I know weighs 250lbs, which means he needs to press 500 lbs. I'm not exactly petite, but legs are my strongest asset. I tried pressing a bit more than 2x my weight, and as long as I maintain proper form, I will do just dandy. The items I might struggle with are the trainer-haters and the push ups. They both are about upper-body strength, and that's one of my weaker spots. I think I'll be able to make up for it with my strong areas.

Oh, I nearly forgot! I went shopping yesterday with my friend Charity. Lane Bryant was having a ginormous sale, so I figured I should replace my bras, which were too big of course. I had no clue what size I might be or even where to start so I had the lady do my measurements. The first thing out of her mouth was "I think you might be too small." I nearly died! The final verdict was that I am now a 38 D. Yes, D as in dog. I was completely and utterly shocked! I started out at a 44 B. I was so happy! The lady said to me, "I think I need to give you a hug!" And we did! I hugged the bra lady! So not typical Sarah behavior, but a whole lot of what I do now is not typical Sarah behavior!


  1. Sarah, you are AMAZING!! I was reading this to John and we both just kept smiling and cheering. :) good luck with the competition - you ROCK at this!! :)

  2. I am so impressed! Glad you found the right bra size....that is always so tricky. Keep up the work.