Friday, May 7, 2010

A Bit Early, But What The Heck?

Today is the day! I hit 218 pounds, my lowest adult weight. Huzzah! I am up at my sister Janelle's house in Utah for the weekend. We are here celebrating my Grandma's 80th birthday. I am in charge of making the cake. Yay!

It's been interesting traveling and all this week. For starters, I am sick. I've not been sick since last fall, so that's been strange and different. It's a cold with lots of congestion, so not fun! It's made things difficult. I haven't been able to keep up my level of exercise, so I've cut back my calories. Hopefully disaster will be avoided.

Food has also been an interesting obstacle to overcome. I packed a lot of meal plan friendly snacks, and didn't eat fast food (ok, so I snuck three french fries from Bug). We ate dinner at a little diner in Kanab where I ordered a turkey sandwich and salad, rather than the plethora of other amazingness available. I am saving myself for the party on Saturday. My biggest food problem has been avoiding my favorite fast food restaurant of all time, Arctic Circle. I LOVE that place. I have committed myself though, so I think I'll be ok. :c) I don't want to undo my hard work!

My nephew Scott and I had a "Healthy" date yesterday. He and I went running around the cemetery. It was great! He's very excited about what I've done. He told me that he had a picture of me in his mind and that it was like my before picture, and that when he saw me it was like my after picture. That made me smile!

Scott has always been honest with me about my weight, as kids usually are. When he was little, I called my belly my "sugar baby". He once told me that I needed to go to the hospital so I could have my sugar baby like his mom had Eva. Ouch! Isn't it interesting how insightful kids can be? I was telling Bug that when I write my book one day, it should be called "Giving Birth to My Sugar Baby". :c)

Scott and I have another healthy date planned for after school today. Yay! I am also working like a mad woman on the cake. Wish me luck! I'll update with pics next week.

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