Monday, July 19, 2010

This Post Brought to you by the Letter A, for Awesome. :c)

Yay! So, several new and interesting developments over the course of the week. Let's get caught up, shall we?

Last Monday evening was the beginning weigh in of the Fitness Challenge at the Thunderbird Pure Fitness. I went in, did my thing, wore my awesome "Working on My After Picture" shirt, and managed to scare the living liver out of one of the other competitors. The fitness director, Sean, told everyone that I won the last corporate challenge, and that they should just copy what they saw me doing. It was pretty funny. Afterward, a woman walked up to me and asked me how I did it. I told her that I worked out and was very careful with my diet. She said, "How often do you work out?" I replied, "Six days a week." Her eyes got all big, then I continued, "Twice a day." She just about fell over right there. I hope I didn't crush her spirit! :c)

Are you ready for a plot twist?

After the weigh in for the challenge, I decided to go to the Arrowhead Pure Fitness to do my workout, since I had been gone for a while. I pull in to the parking lot, and what's all over the windows? Fitness Challenge fliers. Dun dun dun.... I just about had a fit right there. Didn't Jose tell me just last week that they weren't going to do the Challenge? Well, it turns out that when I asked him about it, he decided to run one of his own for just our club. I walk in the door, and am immediately set upon by two trainers, Taylor and Jim. Taylor was really nice and asked who I was going to train with. Jim asked me to train with him. It was a bit crazy! Jose was there, and I said, "Jose, you didn't need to get me a present!" He laughed. So, I'm doing both Challenges! Crazy! Arrowhead's starts next Monday, and ends two weeks after the other one. Drunk Zombie Sarah will be hanging around a bit longer that planned, but it will still be awesome!

Speaking of awesome, I found a shirt at Target that says, "Proud To Be Awesome!" I wore that to Saturday Seminar (which was one of the best ones we've had in a long time). People laughed and loved it. I love wearing funky shirts to work out in. Too much fun! If anyone out there finds a cool shirt, let me know!

Last on the big news front, is my new mile time. 8:12!!!!!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT! This afternoon Brian (the trainer who helped me through the first Challenge) asked me if I wanted to beat my mile time. I said "Sure!" He made me stretch and all that, then manned the treadmill controls. He coached me through the whole thing, telling me to calm my breathing and even my stride. When I hit the mile mark at 8:12, I pretty much yelled and jumped and cheered and made all kinds of happy noises. People clapped and cheered too. It was so amazing! I LOVE MY GYM! Brian really earned his brownies today.

On a final note, I am nursing a bit of an injury. I hurt my shoulder during the infamous "Bootcamp Challenge" back in June, and it's been acting up again. Blah. Blah. And, Blah. Not fun. No push-ups for me. Feh. So, I've been hitting the Ibuprofen and ice. Hopefully it's not too much of a setback!

That is all! :c)

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