Monday, July 12, 2010

Push-ups are Your Friend, and Other Lessons

Sorry, I'm a day behind. :c) I drove back from Utah yesterday and didn't get a chance to write up my week. I had lots of fun visiting Nell and her family. I made the Purple Boss' 3rd birthday cake, it was so cute! I didn't bring my camera, so I'll have to rely on those who had one to provide pics.

It was a slow week work-out wise, due to my preparation for the Fitness Challenge. I had my training session with Issac on Wednesday. It was awesome! He had me do those crazy diamond push-ups that you see all the muscle-bound guys do. I felt so proud! I was able to do 8 of them. Issac has great faith in me, and goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to training me. My half-hour with him is the highlight of my week. We try to cram in as much as we possibly can in that small amount of time.

Up at Nell's, I went to the "boot camp" class. There was a different teacher this time, and I really didn't enjoy the class. It was really aerobics heavy. Blah. So not my favorite. Ah well. I needed to slow up anyway.

I also placed myself on a plateau. I've been hovering around 195-6. Everything is going according to plan! Starting tomorrow morning, I'm going in to full tilt diet mode. Whitney is happy to be leaving town for the next couple weeks. She doesn't seem to remember what I fondly call the "Drunk Zombie" portion of the contest, which is the last two weeks. She gets to have front row seats for that. :c)

There was a small blip as far as the contest goes last week. My particular club wasn't participating. I dithered a bit about what to do, but ended up heading down to the club on Thunderbird. I went in to the club, and spoke with the fitness manager. I think he was a bit surprised when I told him what I wanted. I told him that I wanted to join the Fitness Challenge because I was going to win it again. :c) I told him I needed a trainer who was going to push me pretty hard, and he put me with Jeremy. (to be in the challenge, you need to purchase three training sessions)

I trained with Jeremy this morning, and let me tell you, I lucked out! He really put me through my paces. I think he was pleasantly surprised at my fitness level. He had me running and jumping all over that place. It was pretty crazy. I am a major sweater (not something I've discussed on here, but nonetheless, I usually look like I've taken a shower in my clothes by the end of my workout), and when we went up front to sign out and schedule our next workout, I got several comments on the amount of grossness I had going on. :c) I'd say that was a great indicator of how awesome that workout was.

I am very excited for this week. I'm getting my bike out of rehab today, and plan on breaking it in this week. I'm also headed to a store called Triple Sports, which caters to triathletes. Excited to be moving on to cool things!

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