Sunday, April 18, 2010

On reaching 60 pounds

I finally did it this week. I hit the 60 pounds down mark! These last ten pounds have really been a struggle to lose, despite remaining ultra-strict with my diet and exercise regimen.

It's been hard for me to get in to the mentality of losing weight at a normal pace. I freely admit that losing the 50 pounds in two months was very aggressive. I know that what I'm doing now is healthier, but it is frustrating to be moving along so slowly. I'll get over it!

On another note, I did the Pat Tillman run this weekend. It was 4.2 miles long, on a mostly flat course. I went with Rich, a guy that works out at my gym. He wasn't able to run, so we walked the whole thing. I probably would have run every other half mile, but it wasn't too bad just walking it. It took us 1hr and 17mins to finish. Not too shabby! Next year, I'm running the whole thing.

On the running note, I knocked 20 seconds off my mile, I'm now down to 12mins, 25secs. I hope to get down to 12 in the VERY near future. I'm almost there. So close!

On Monday, one of my junior high students came up to me, looking perplexed, and said, "Miss Grow, are you getting shorter?" I just laughed and laughed. Junior high kids are so funny. They really don't pay attention to much.

I also cut my hair this week. It is now just below my shoulders. I really like it. That's what probably put me over the 60lb mark! :c)


  1. holy cow Sarah, you look great!! There won't be any of you to hug when I see you next month!! (you're going to Grandma's party, right?) :) keep up the good work - you're amazing!

  2. Thanks so much! Yep, I'll be there next month

  3. Ok, from a dietitian's perspective, even though it is frustrating, slower is better. The more steady and conistantly you loose weight the better able you'll be to maintain the loss. Oh, and I think your hair looks cute! Congrats at 60!