Sunday, April 11, 2010

Never, Never, Never Give Up! And other motivators

I have certainly had my ups and downs over the last three months. I needed to find motivation that wasn't food to keep my resolve up. My first great find was a little green ceramic plaque that says, "Never, Never, Never Give Up!". I hung it right above my bathroom mirror.

My next discovery was dry erase crayons. These I have used to write all over the same bathroom mirror. I keep track of my weekly weigh ins on the medicine cabinet, and on the main mirror I write more inspirational quotes as well as my goals.

Another motivator is kinda cheesy, but I have this favorite nalgene bottle. It's red with green and yellow spots on it. I put a flow controller in the mouth of it that has a smiley face printed on it. When I know I'm going to have a rough day, I use that bottle.

After I won the contest, I became a mini celebrity at the gym. I'm a tour destination when I'm working out as well. Nothing's more motivating than having random people coming up to you, asking about how much weight you've lost, or being pointed out to new gym clients as the "Fitness Challenge Winner who lost 50 pounds". Everyone has big expectations for me, including myself. It's probably one of the most helpful things I've found.

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  1. Awesome! I find that when I have motivation and accountability with any of my goals, I am far more likely to succeed. :)